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Performance OM605 EDC Injection Pump

Performance OM605 EDC Injection Pump

Five cylinder OM605 EDC injection pump built with 7.5 mm Dieselmeken or 8.0 mm Mynä elements, depending on how much fuel you need. The 7.5 elements give about 150 cc and 8.0 well over 200 cc. 


You can purchase our fuel inlet (shut-off valve bypass/delete) HERE. We inlclude the pump to block gasket. A lift pump will not be included, as you probably already have one on your original pump. If you need one, you can get one HERE


Your pump will be built in house. First it's dissasmbled and cleaned ultrasonically. Then reassembled with bigger performance elements. Lastly, it is mounted on our test bench where it is phased and calibrated.


It will normally ship 1-3 business days after you place your order, but might be longer depending on our pump queue. 


A $150 core deposit is included in the price. In order to keep building pumps, we need your old pump. By purchasing, you agree that once you install your new pump, you will send us your old core. Simply package it in the same box and packaging and ship it back with the provided pre-paid label. When we receive your old pump, your $150 deposit will be refunded.


Notes: Since we didn't get OM605's here in the USA, the cores have to be shipped from Europe, hence the higher core value. Also, the photos are of a 6 cylinder OM606 pump. We will update this listing soon with proper 5 cylinder photos. . 

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