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Performance Clutch Kit (OM60X to 716.6)

Performance Clutch Kit (OM60X to 716.6)


This kit comes with everything you need to run a Mercedes-Benz 716.6XX 6 speed manual transmission on your OM60X engine:


  • Billet Steel Flywheel (with hardened ring gear and spigot bearing)
  • Reinforced Performance Pressure Plate 

  • Clutch Disc / Drive Plate 


For the clutch disc (drive plate), choose between the following:

  • Sprung Organic: Best for daily driver, OEM feel, around 600 NM. 
  • Sprung Six Puck Sinter: More powerfull, yet still comfortable. 
  • Six Puck Sinter: Highest power rating for race and drift. 




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