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Like the quick response from your stock turbo on your OM606, OM605 or OM662 but want more top end? Want a better turbo without having to mess with adapters, fittings, lines, etc...? Our hybrid turbo is the solution!


Better blade design

Over 20% flow increase with larger 9 blade turbine wheel (49/55)

Larger CNC performance billet compressor wheel (47.6/62)

1.4 bar pressure wastegate actuator


"This is pricey! I can get a Holset for only $600." That is true, but by the time you buy all that is needed to adapt the Holset to your engine and vehicle, you'll be around the same price, but lots more parts, time and effort for similar results. Hybridizing a turbo is very labor intensive. It has to be taken apart, cleaned, machined to fit bigger internals, rebuilt with improved parts, and balanced.


Another benefit is you get to keep the stock Mercedes air filter.


Please note that unless you increase the fuel via a tuned ECU with EDC injection pump or bigger element mechanical pump, you will not benefit from this turbo.


In a W210 E300 OM606 car, with a Sean Treacy Stage 2 ECU and you'll be around 275-280 hp with your stock EDC injection pump. It's as simple as remove your old turbo and install this one. It's plug and play.


This turbo will fit the OM605, and OM662, but you might need to modify a few things like the downpipe and intercooler connection.


If you purchase this turbo with the tuned ECU, we need your stock ECU, which we will provide a shipping label for. You'll get a $100 refund for it.

Hybrid Turbo

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