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Want to get 300 HP out of your 98-99 Mercedes-Benz E300 without

touching the injection pump, welding, fabricating or guessing what all you need? Introducing the one-and-done, all-in-one, complete turbo kit.



T04E Turbocharger

Sean Treacy Stage 2 tuned ECU (EGR, SOV & MAF deleted)

Stock OM606 exhaust manifold adapter (KKK to T3), gasket & hardware

Custom turbo downpipe & V-band clamp

Oil feed block fitting, oil feed line, turbo oil feed fitting, gasket & hardware

Oil drain fitting, gasket, hardware, hose & clamps

Air filter, extension pipe, CCV hose & clamps

Intercooler connector hose & clamps



Basically, this kit comes with EVERYTHING you need, nothing you don't and no welding or fabricating. It is designed around Sean Treacy's famous Stage 2 tuned ECU, which maxes out the stock EDC injection pump and stock 722.6 transmission. He swears by the T04E Turbo, his #1 recommendation for 300 HP on a OM606 in a W210.


Please note that this kit is designed to be as inexpensive as possible. There's nothing flashy about it. It's designed to work well, be easy to install and get you as close to 300 HP as possible. Price out this kit and you'll be at this same price or higher.


In order to create this kit, a stock ECU and downpipe are needed. By purchasing, you agree to send back your core ECU and downpipe after installation. A prepaid shipping label will be provided. You will be refunded $100 for your ECU and $20 for the downpipe.

OM606 Budget Turbo Kit for E300/W210

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